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There is a growing perception among many that the West is in serious decline. One might even say that it is “sunset in the West.” It has been noted with the rise of the EU that we see a growing number of unelected officials and bureaucrats following out a pattern not dissimilar to one proposed for Europe by the Nazis in their era.

Britain has just left that arrangement. And many Britons are glad for the return of their self-determination and their sovereignty. A European economic and commercial agreement became the basis for usurpation of sovereignty among the involved European States. With statism and bureaucracy having been on the rise the last few decades reaction to the “New World Order” and the EU excesses and false representations has set in. Populism is now rising in much of Europe as well as in the United States. And as noted by Nigel Farage, with an element of humor in a recent EU Parliament speech, “… Populism is popular!”

How many of us remember that according to Plato the era of democracies and republics is followed by oligarchy?

Several years ago now I was listening to the radio broadcast of a long-format interview. Unfortunately I don’t recall the name of the interviewee at this point, but he quite well made the point that we were warned by President Eisenhower and others of the danger of rising oligarchy. Over a period of 2 hours the guest gave indication after indication, and illustration after illustration, of the rise of oligarchy in the West.

I remember being rather taken aback in listening to the man. For I now recognized that the rise of oligarchy had been in front of me my entire lifetime! 

And now not many years later, … 

now we increasingly see dueling billionaires, and coalitions of billionaires struggling against each another to gain more influence in the United States, across Europe, and around the world. No effort will be made here to address some of the old wealth in Asia who have possessed the equivalent of billions since before there was an America. But they are surely not to be forgotten either! For Asia is rising as the West Declines.

And while some may wish to call it “conspiracy theory,” taking sides with the pejorative contempt of the dark side of the CIA for those who don’t accept their propagandistic narrative. Many see coalitions of old wealth and new wealth working together toward a transhumanist sort of neo-feudal technocracy. 

When this is combined with the Agenda for the 21st century, known as Agenda 21 (I believe it was released by the UN in the ’96 / ’97 timeframe); And The Internet of Things (IoT); And a variety of writings with de-population guidelines similar to the Georgia Guidestones; and combine these with totalitarianist international Marxism, under the guise of “democracy” in many cases, . . . alloy these and you potentially get an inhuman mixture that is, so to say,
“made in hell.”

The aforementioned things taken together with our currently dramatically Cooling Planet could result in a modern equivalent to the Mini Ice Age of about the years 1450 to 1850. 

Such times lead to more and more unstable weather. A few places on the planet warm in compensation for the growing cold across the rest of the planet. How many reading this know that already for this year the northern hemisphere is months ahead of yearly snowpack over recent decades? 

How many people realize that George Washington and his men towed cannons across New York Harbor over thick Salt Water ice in the same era that the Florida Everglades froze over for eight (8) winters running? Indigenous peoples in the Florida region at that time called the snow “white rain.” 

Examples of such things could be multiplied. And many of these things will happen again. Already many of these kinds of things are starting to recur. And they can be expected to increase in the years ahead.

During such times:

~ famine comes and goes, 

~ earthquakes and volcanism increase, 

~ disease increases with large scale

   epidemics and pandemics,

~ empires and governments fall

We have the historical records. None of this is uncertain or unknown.

In fact, the Chinese have records going farther back than the West. And they already have begun compensating both within their boundaries, and outside their boundaries.

During times like these we have another phenomena: Apocalypticism. And apocalypticism has accounted for a great deal of the eschatological (“last days”) frenzy and extremism across history. And, it’s coming to a region near you soon.  So keep an eye out for it in the days just ahead!

Unfortunately, many of the elements of apocalypticism have been set up from within Christendom by teachers who failed to clearly understand the idiom, figures of speech, and poetic imagery and hyperbole of Hebrew culture, its poets, and its prophets. And Greek culture understood those things quite differently when they read what the Hebrews wrote. The Greek and Semitic cultures used imagery in poetry and prophecy differently owing to considerable differences between their cultures.

But more than that, there was a sort of living memory of a massive cataclysm in the solar system embedded in the language and thinking of the Middle East. And, anthropological research indicates, such cultural memory is found among many peoples in many places around the planet.

But how many people know that Hippolytus (c.170 — c.235), the first antipope, originated the post-apostolic politico-religious idea of Antichrist as a coming future public figure who was to be final great opponent of Jesus Christ. Yet, interestingly enough, the Apostle John is the only author of the scriptures who uses the word antichrist anywhere in all of Holy Scripture. He uses the word 7 times in 5 verses, and in both the singular *and* in the plural.

It won’t take anyone who studies closely the first two Epistles of the Holy Apostle John very long to recognize that what John the Apostle meant by antichrist(s), and what the post-biblical St. Hippolytus meant by “the Antichrist,” are two very different things!

In this blog I hope to take a look at many such things in the times ahead offering food for thought and ideas for consideration. The things I’ve mentioned above are teasers. Mostly, I will be sharing with you about the beginning of a new desert homestead and its progress and development.

So, many things shared here will be of a practical nature. Others things will be speculative. Some things will be downright controversial! 

But, all in all, it will be about experiences and perspectives here at Desert Station Alpha!

Homestead Life out here is life on the edge. Last year when I first came here there were temperatures of 105° and more. And this fall/winter I have seen temperatures down to at least to 5° Below Zero. When I first determined I was coming here I was told by a man that it can be freezing in the morning and over 100° by afternoon! That’s Homestead life in the extreme!

Desert Station Alpha is a new New Homestead in the Great Sandy Desert of south central Oregon at the far northwest corner of the Basin and Range region called The Great Basin. Oh by-the-way, the “sand” out here is Tephra, (volcanic ash and cinders) from regional Volcanoes and Cinder cones, especially from Mount Mazama AKA Crater Lake.

So find this Tephra Terminus Homestead near you via smartphone or computer, and join in the adventure!

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  1. Hey Dennis how are you it looks I’m retired I have to say I do not like retirement but then I don’t like being this age we are most definitely failing and to uncharted waters this could be very exciting it could be even terrible if I were to break down what I think what will happen in percentages are as follows I think our future has a 30% chance to be wonderful a 40% chance that much not much will happen and life will pretty much go on as normal I give that about a 40% chance and 60% chance that things won’t be as well as we hoped and at 40% chance that it will be bad and a 30% chance that’ll be horrible we’re sailing into uncharted waters let us all pray for our leaders and our world

    1. I definitely agree that we are sailing into uncharted waters. Fortunately, there are some old Maps. And by that I mean history repeats itself. I think there will be Enormous opportunity, and also the potential for some really terrible stuff to occur. Hope you are feeling better since our last communication.
      Prayer certainly is in order, lots of prayer. And always with earnest hope and with firm faith.

  2. Hey Dennis sorry I have not kept in touch I liked your blog and looking forward to the next one
    Lenna and I still are fulltime Rv ers. We stay mostly in central coastal area we are currently in neskowin ore. 10 miles north of Lincoln city.

    1. Great to get your response! Hope you are both doing well. Let’s talk when an opportunity occurs.

  3. Very well written. Thank you so for your blog! Very interesting and I can wait to read more!

    1. Thank you Stacie. A note to you and all the readers.

      I woke up early this morning, not an unusual occurrence for me. It was about three hours before sunrise. The wind was blowing strongly, strongly enough to shake the camper and howl. So I got up for a bit.

      A couple hours earlier the heavens were obscured by clouds. But now the moon was full and bright. In two hours would be the first super-moon of the New Year.

      So I did a bit of stuff in here inside the camper for a time. For there’s never a lack of things to do here on the homestead. What followed was interesting…

      As the peak of the moon’s fullness approached, and the wind subsided and grew quite, the coyotes began to yip and howl.

      But then after a short time they quieted.

      Minutes later the large bright “snow moon” reached full as it hung in the western sky. (During the cloudy period not long before a small amount of puffball snow had been lighty scattered across the ground.)

      Slowly then the wind picked up once more. At almost a quarter past 7 the sun rose.

      And even now, two plus hours later this camper shakes in the blowing wind.

      Hope you all have a great weekend!

      1. I so love your writing!! So elegantly written. It’s detail brings me right there, hearing the coyotes and the wind. Thank you for sharing


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